ID (Undulator and Wiggler) Radiation Power Calculator

Power density calculations are performed for an undulator or wiggler using equations presented by Kim ( K. J. Kim, "Angular Distribution of Undulator Power for an Arbitrary Deflection Parameter K," Nuc. Instr. and Meth. A246, pp. 67-70 (1986)). The equations can also be found in this reference. Relevant functions are obtained by numerical (Simpson) integration. Power densities are also calculated at selected points (nodes in the Finite Element Analysis terminology). Coordinates for the points can be entered manually,or pasted in the left textarea below.
For highly precise and complex power calculations, specialized codes (see for instance, XOP) are recommended.

Beam Current, I : 
Beam Energy, E:
ID Peak Magnetic Field, B0:
(Leave blank if K is specified below)
ID Deflection Parameter, K :
Recalculated as K = 0.934B0(T)λu(cm)
if B0 specified above
Number of Periods, N:
ID Period, λu :
Horizontal Incident Angle(Φh) :
Power density is multiplied by sin(Φh)
Vertical Incident Angle (Φv) :
Power density is multiplied by sin(Φv)
Source Distance(S_D): 


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Gamma :  
Opening Angle, 1/Gamma :
Total Power :
Normal Peak Power Density:
Normal Linear Power Density:
(Vertically Integrated):
Incident Peak Power Density:
Incident Linear Power Density
(Vertically Integrated):

Enter point (node) numbers and their X, Y coordinates (manually or by "copy and paste" method). Click here for further instructions.
PointX (mm)Y (mm) PointPower Density (W/mm2)


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