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Location Cabinet # Contents Details Last Update
411/412_Linac_Par A1 (2) 350 Ion Gauge Controller
(1) 307 Ion Gauge Controller
(2) 275 Convectron Gauge
(3) 275 Convectron Gauge Cables
(2) LINAC Beamline Gate Valves: 2.75"
(1) IOMEGA OS1200 Temperature
Perkin-Elmer Digitel 500 Connectors
24V-110V VAT Valve Solenoids
High Voltage Connectors and Cables
Repair Kits for Beamline Valves
Seal Kits and O-Ring Kit for Valves
O-Ring (Viton) Kit
O-Ring Splicing Kit
Parker Viton Seals
Detuner Needles for SLED Cavities
(2) Old Needles from L4
(3) Detuner Needles for LINAC SLED Cavities
411/412_Linac_Par A2 EVAC Flanges
EVAC Gaskets
EVAC Clamps
Miscellaneous Parts
411/412_Linac_Par A3 Spare Water Loads
Spare Windows
Blank Flanges
Pump-Out Flanges
Skarpass Flanges
Spacer Flanges
SF6 Solenoids
EAA_400_LD Rep_Shop A33 MDP tool kits
Turbo grease
RLC solenoids
KF 25/40 O-rings
MD4 rebuild kits
In pump repair area 03/04/2015
EAA_400_LD Rep_Shop A34 CFF 450 turbo controller
P0090E1 board
P0330E1 board
Circuit breakers
Electrical connectors
Power cords
In pump repair area 03/04/2015