PostScript Printer Driver for EPOC

by Andrew Johnson

This page is where you'll find my EPOC printer driver for PostScript printers. See also my drivers for Canon Bubble Jet and PCL5 (HP DeskJet and LaserJet) printers. As with the Canon driver you should download the right file for your particular machine as the two are slightly different due to differing bugs in the two EPOC software releases.

The driver provides two printer models, both of which print graphics at 300dpi and offer both Landscape and Portrait page orientations. The first model is intended for printers that only have the basic 13 standard fonts built in (i.e. Courier, Helvetica and Times, their Bold and Italic/Oblique variations, and the Symbol font). Many PostScript printers will support the Adobe extended 35-font set, for which the second printer model is used. The only character missing is the Euro - sorry, it's not in the PostScript character set!

The driver for EPOC Release 3 (original Series 5 and GeoFox) fixes a bug in the printing subsystem which prevents documents from printing that use more than 10 different font size & style combinations. If you intend to print using the IR port and haven't already done so you will need to download the Series 5 IrDA Update from Psion's Free Software area (this only applies to ER3 machines).

The driver for EPOC Release 5 (for the MC218, 5mx, 5mxPro, Revo and Series 7) fixes a different bug in the print subsystem, which causes all text to be output more than once, usually in the same place on the page. This bug actually affects all the printer drivers shipped with ER5, only my drivers include fixes for it.

Version 0.08 fixes a problem from 0.07 with text not printing on pages after the first until there was a font change.

Version 0.10 (whatever happened to 0.09?) fixes the IrDA bug if you're printing via the Psion's IR port, and adds the ability to use HP's PJL commands to select a postscript personality at the start of a job. Both of these are controlled using a new Printer Properties dialog.

Known Problems


If you have no idea what to do with the file that gets downloaded from one of the links below, there are some instructions on how to install a .SIS file on John McAleely's site.


ER3 Version 0.10

ER5 Version 0.10

Andrew Johnson
October 2001