Epson ESC/P2 Printer Driver Extension for EPOC

by Andrew Johnson

This is an add-on to my BJC-80 driver for American model Epson ESC/P2 printers, which I think includes US-model Canon BubbleJets.

Printers Supported

Only US-model Epson and compatible printers with the ESC/P2 command set that have built-in TrueType fonts (NB: European model printers usually don't).

Known to work on:
(none so far!)
Known to not work on:
Canon BubbleJets from European countries
Some recent Epson Stylus Color models (look at the latest CXM driver for possible support of these.)

Installation Instructions

I haven't produced SIS file for this, so after unzipping the file you have to manually copy it into the C:\System\Printers directory on your Psion. Note that you must also have a version of my BJC-80 driver installed for this to work.



Version 0.01

Andrew Johnson
25th January 2001