RF cavities set-up for two energy rings

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RF cavities set-up for two energy rings

Post by Dhital » 12 Jul 2019, 12:38


I am getting trouble with RF cavities set-up in my two energy storage ring lattice file.

Line=(Low energy ring(55 MeV), accelerating cavity1, accelerating cavity2, High energy ring(155 MeV), decelerating cavity1, decelerating cavity2)

I am using matrices to represent low energy ring and high energy rings. Each ring has M_56=-1.0 m. I need right parameters for RF cavities set up to connect Low energy Ring and High energy ring. Here each accelerating cavity gains the energy by 50 MeV and each decelerating cavity lose energy by the same amount i.e. 50 MeV. Two accelerating cavities gain by 100 Mev and vice versa.

I need some guidelines for RF cavities set-up. I really appreciate your help. For your reference, I have attached two files.

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