TouschekLifetime: machine vs model

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Re: TouschekLifetime: machine vs model

Post by marlibgin » 10 Jul 2015, 09:44

I am getting better with the comparison model / machine, having introduced random + multipole errors, corrected orbit, coupling etc
I am off by 20 to 30 % at different RF voltages. I still need to create a calibrated model though.

Having said that I have realized that when I measure the LT in the machine I wait to stabilize the system, which basically means I am letting polarization to set up, at least partially. On the other hand I understand that touschekLifetime code does not include polarization.
Do you adopt any strategy at APS in order to get a reliable/stable LT and avoid polarization to build up? Is there any plane to include P in the touschekLifetime code?

Thanks anyway

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Re: TouschekLifetime: machine vs model

Post by michael_borland » 13 Jul 2015, 12:05


There's no plan to add polarization, but it would be a good addition. We'll try to get it into the next release.


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