Chromaticity correction with multipole errors

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Xavier Nuel
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Chromaticity correction with multipole errors

Post by Xavier Nuel » 21 May 2014, 04:47

Hi all,

I want to introduce the multipole errors in my lattice to check the effect of these errors in the calculation of dynamic and momentum acceptance. I have created the input sdds files and I have introduced the systematic errors in the quadrupoles and sextupoles definitions in the lattice.
But I have seen in the documentation that elegant does not include the sextupoles contributions in the computation of the chromaticity via the twiss_output command. Then, how can I correct the chomaticity if I introduce the sextupole components of these multipole errors and I cannot use the &chromaticity command (related with twiss_output) ?

Thank you in advance.
Have a nice day


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Re: Chromaticity correction with multipole errors

Post by michael_borland » 21 May 2014, 12:06


Unfortunately, there is no way to do this if you include the sextupole errors in the multipole error input files. The only thing I can suggest is to use thin-lens sextupoles on either end of the elements inquestion to include the sextupole errors.

I hope to fix this limitation in the next release of elegant.


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