track momentum aperture+calculation of Touschek lifetime

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track momentum aperture+calculation of Touschek lifetime

Post by pjchou » 25 Jul 2008, 02:38

This is an example on how to track momentum aperture in a storage ring, then calculate the Touschek lifetime. An elliptical beam pipe of 68 mm*30 mm is assumed in the lattice file. The procedure was set up with help from Michael. Thanks a lot :D

The shell script 'plotMomAperture' generates the plot of momentum aperture from the SDDS file "%s.mmap". The magnet layout is provided by the file "%s.mag". For TPS storage ring lattice, it takes about 4 hours to track the momentum aperture on ASUS W5 notebook PC.
***{ description of files}***
79h2Twiss.lte= input lattice used by the 'elegant' input file
79h2MomAperture3.ele= input file for 'elegant', sync radiation included.
plotMomAperture= script file for plotting momentum aperture
tpsTouschek= script file for the calculation of Touschek lifetime by using the SDDS output from tracking of momentum aperture.
script file to plot momentum aperture
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input file for elegant, sync rad. included
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lattice file for storage ring, elliptical beam pipe is assumed for the whole ring
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Re: track momentum aperture+calculation of Touschek lifetime

Post by michael_borland » 25 Jul 2008, 13:01


Thanks for posting the example.

I recommend using the attach lattice file instead of the one you posted. It has synchrotron radiation (classical only, no ISR) enabled, which gives more reliable determination of the momentum aperture.

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