ellipse distribution

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Philippe Piot
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ellipse distribution

Post by Philippe Piot » 02 Aug 2016, 10:44

Is there a way to have a special distribution in the &bunch parameter to generate particle distributed on the perimeter of an ellipse. This would enable tracking equivalent-beam ellipses to, e.g., study the impact of chromatic aberrations.
Right now the only alternative I found was to generate the ellipses particle distribution in PYTHON (but maybe there an easier way with sdds). Thank you, -- Philippe.

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Re: ellipse distribution

Post by michael_borland » 02 Aug 2016, 10:48


Yes, you can do that using the distribution_type parameter in bunched_beam, e.g.,

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	emit_x = 1e-6
	beta_x = 1
	distribution_type[0] = "shell"
	n_particles_per_bunch = 100
This will generate an ellipse with semi-axes of 1mm and 1mrad.


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