Space charge for continuous and bunched beams

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Space charge for continuous and bunched beams

Post by Bernal » 07 Apr 2011, 14:05

Dear Michael and colleagues,

I understand that Rami Kishek, from our UMER group at U. of Maryland, talked to you during PAC’11 in NYC about space charge calculations in ELEGANT. Rami presented a poster on envelope calculations for low current using both ELEGANT and the pic code WARP. I presented a poster with calculations in ELEGANT involving dispersion in the presence of strong space charge (see paper WEP101 already available in the PAC’11 website); the results from ELEGANT were in good agreement with other approaches, considering the differences in the models and the approximate nature of my calculations in ELEGANT. Instead of doing calculations for a central slice along the bunch (like Max Cornacchia and Rami Kishek are doing), I attempted, with very good results for moderate space charge, to model a continuous beam. In doing so, I compared the way space charge kicks are calculated in TRACE3D for a continuous beam with the way it’s done with a tri-Gaussian distribution in ELEGANT (Xiao et al, PAC07). Maybe ELEGANT could implement different approaches for doing space charge calculations, including the central -slice method, and the one employed in TRACE3D through the use of form factors. Another feature that could be added to ELEGANT would be automatic envelope matching with space charge. I hope these ideas find some use among the developers of ELEGANT.


Santiago Bernal
U. of Maryland

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