Online documentation incomplete: sddsplot

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Online documentation incomplete: sddsplot

Post by lewellen » 12 Sep 2013, 11:23

This is not a bug, rather a report of an undocumented feature.

The online documentation for sddsplot's overlay command does not mention that one can use p- and q- space factors to scale the overlay independently of the scale of the data being plotted. For instance:

sddsplot -col=s,"(ecnx,ecny)" -grap=line,vary -legend arcComp.sig -col=s,Profile arcComp.mag -overlay=ymode=unit,xmode=normal,ycenter,qoffset=-0.4,yfactor=0.1

will always place the lattice schematic at the same vertical location on the screen regardless of how the normalized emittance changes from run to run, but the sddsplot documentation for -overlay does not indicate one can use qoffset as an option.

Simply typing sddsplot into the command line generates a command synopsis which does not include this feature either:

The command itself seems a little inconsistent, e.g. one can use qoffset, but trying to use qfactor generates an error:

sddsplot -col=s,"(ecnx,ecny)" -grap=line,vary -legend arcComp.sig -col=s,Profile arcComp.mag -overlay=ymode=unit,xmode=normal,ycenter,qoffset=-0.4,qfactor=0.1
error: unknown -overlay keyword
usage: -overlay=[{xy}mode=<mode>][,{xy}factor=<value>][,{xy}offset=<value>][,{xy}center][,{pq}offset=<value>][,{pq}align]

Somewhat ironically, the error message does indicate one can use p/q offsets ...


- John L.

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