Segfaults for specific order of insert_elements commands

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Segfaults for specific order of insert_elements commands

Post by nkuklev » 29 Jan 2020, 09:51

Hi Michael and all,

I seem to have a weird issue with IBSCATTER, WATCH elements and &insert_elements command. Namely, depending on where in task file I try to insert these, it either works normally, messes up other computations (like moments), or straight up segfaults. I suspect it has something to do with commands requiring previous output to be of same size/element count, but the specific combinations that break are weird.

I have attached sample files, where I try to generate a matched distribution and track it after inserting the elements. Various orderings and results are commented.

In general, is the correct procedure to always insert/alter everything right after run_setup and no longer modify lattice afterwards?

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Re: Segfaults for specific order of insert_elements commands

Post by michael_borland » 07 Feb 2020, 17:54


The correct procedure is indeed to perform insert_elements right after the run_setup command. I'll add some code to enforce that.

Thanks for reporting the bug.


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