structure size inconsistent

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structure size inconsistent

Post by roblin » 09 Jun 2016, 14:27

Just build Pelegant (elegant.29.1.0.tar.gz) with SDDS.3.4.tar.gz and mpich 3.2

I build the SDDS using MPI=1 and Pelegant with the makePelegant script.

I checked that the serial elegant works, that my mpich installation works.

After the build is done, attempting to execute Pelegant:

mpiexec -n 4 /work/casa/oag/apps/bin/linux-x86_64/Pelegant ARC1.ele


table structure size is inconsistent
passed size is not equal to expected size for SDDS_DATASET structure
Passed size is 2608, library size is 2600

Is there some build option I need to enable or something to set?

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Re: structure size inconsistent

Post by michael_borland » 09 Jun 2016, 16:30


You need to rebuild the SDDS libraries, both the serial and parallel versions.


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