gpu-elegant seems not to finish tracking

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Re: gpu-elegant seems not to finish tracking

Post by soliday » 27 Oct 2020, 15:25

I found a problem passing memory to the GPU in a procedure that the KQUAD was using. There is another new version released for RHEL.7

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Re: gpu-elegant seems not to finish tracking

Post by jcytsai » 27 Oct 2020, 19:24

Dear Soliday,

Thanks for the help! It works now for KQUAD; but I have another issue coming up when using CSRCSBEND (this time, it gives error message). The same situation works well for Pelegant. I will send the files to you.


PS: for possible reference if other users may encounter the same issue, please let me attach the warning/error message below:

Warning: particle acquired undefined slopes when integrating through kick multipole
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'thrust::system::system_error'
what(): parallel_for failed: cudaErrorInvalidSymbol: invalid device symbol

Terminated by SIGABRT
Program trace-back:

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