Optics with AC skew

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Optics with AC skew

Post by Zeus » 18 Oct 2022, 06:03

Hi all,

We are considering the possibility to work in full coupling using an AC skew magnet with a frequency f=(Qx-Qy)*f_rev. Checking the Elegant manual I guess MBUMPER with ORDER=1, TILT=pi/4, PERIODIC=1 is the adecuate option. My question is, will we get acurate values of the closed orbit, emittances, beta functions, etc if we include such an element?



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Re: Optics with AC skew

Post by michael_borland » 20 Oct 2022, 12:55


Inclusion of an MBUMPER element will not affect the computed values of any of those parameters, since it is time-dependent.


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