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Docker image for elegant (2020.4.0-3) with an option to run on AWS cloud

Posted: 03 Nov 2020, 21:36
by ywang25

I built a Docker image for the Linux system with the latest version of elegant binary from elegant-2020.4.0-3.rhel.8.mpich.x86_64.rpm
The image is ready to use out-of-box for both elegant and Pelegant on most Linux distros. Here are some simple instructions:

===================Set up Docker on AWS EC2 (or on a local Linux machine) -- can skip if docker has been setup ============
On an EC2 host (the example is based on Amazon linux2, similar for other Linux distros)
sudo yum update -y
sudo amazon-linux-extras install docker
sudo yum install docker
sudo service docker start
sudo usermod -a -G docker ec2-user # need log out and log in back to be shown in the docker group
docker info

================ Run elegant/Pelegant on a docker container =====================================
1) Pull the docker image (from Docker hub
docker pull cyberchip/elegant
2) Find the image ID
docker images
cyberchip/elegant latest a438319d57a5 56 minutes ago 994MB
3) Start a docker container with the image
docker run -it a438319d57a5
[root@40e987ebafc7 task]#
4) Run tests with elegant and Pelegant
[root@40e987ebafc7 task]# cd examples/LCLS/
[root@40e987ebafc7 LCLS]# elegant LCLS04NOV07.ele
[root@40e987ebafc7 LCLS]# mpirun -np 2 elegant LCLS04NOV07.ele

Y. Wang