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Tracking with large energy spread

Posted: 05 Jun 2017, 03:47
by Shichang
When I correct the chromaticity of my lattice to +0.01,the horizontal emittance seems to grow at large rms energy spread,0.9% or 1.2% etc...It contains two identical dipoles and several quadrupoles.I doubt that whether the high order dispersion isn't fully cancelled,or any other non-linear effects.And I have two simple questions:
1)There is &chromaticity to correct chromaticity in Elegant.Could I rearrange the sextupoles strengths to minimize emittance growth through Elegant?

2)If I want to check up on my supposition,how to read higher order dispersion through the .out file?

Thanks a lot!

Re: Tracking with large energy spread

Posted: 06 Jun 2017, 09:39
by michael_borland

Attached are two examples. One shows how to compute the nonlinear dispersion and beta functions. The other shows how to use tracking with parallel elegant to reduce emittance growth. I hope you can adapt these to your problem.