bunch lengthening cavity

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bunch lengthening cavity

Post by michael_borland » 11 May 2015, 14:18

For those who are interested, I put together an example of modeling bunch lengthening using a higher-harmonic cavity. The example in the attached file is for a 24-doublet fill of the APS upgrade lattice. It includes the short-range longitudinal impedance, main cavities, harmonic cavity, and feedback for the main cavities. The feedback model (from T. Berenc, APS) is for the existing APS system. This feature would also be used if one needed to model an active HHC.

After unpacking the zip file, look at the Notebook file for more details. This example will work with the most recent release (27.1.0) of elegant. The commands and scripts were tested on Linux, but should also work on OSX or Cygwin. Use of a cluster is strongly recommended.

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