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frequency_map around closed orbit

Posted: 05 Dec 2021, 09:20
by nadolski
Dear All,

I would like to use frequency_map to compute the horizontal amplitude versus the energy offset.
Per default the particule not launched with respect to the chromatic orbit as explained in the doc.

output = %s.fmadp,
xmin = 10e-6,
xmin = 10e-6,
xmax = 0.02,
delta_min = -0.06,
delta_max = 0.06,
nx = 101,
ny = 1,
ndelta = 201,
include_changes = 1 ! compute diffusion

Is there an option to center the particle around the dispersive closed orbit ?

Best regards,


Re: frequency_map around closed orbit

Posted: 08 Dec 2021, 16:20
by michael_borland

If I understand correctly, you want to perform FMA but with the particles x positions offset by the momentum-dependent closed orbit. There's no way to do that with the frequency_map command, but it can be done with scripts. The tracking is still done with Pelegant, so the performance is comparable to using the frequency_map command.

See the attached files for an example.


Re: frequency_map around closed orbit

Posted: 09 Jan 2022, 17:52
by nadolski
Thanks, this is really helping.
Being guided helps a lot to learn ELEGANT and SDDS routines.