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Post by Hossein_Ghasem » 17 Mar 2021, 04:35

Dear all,
I am trying to calculate location of the lost particles due to elastic scattering in the storage ring. I found an example in the elegant example folder and could run it. Afterwards, I tried to analyze the outputs using "elasticScatteringAnalysis" command, but this command didn't work. We build the code ourselves and it seems the function exists in the source code, but isn't included in the make file and therefore isn't compiled during the build. Is there a reason for why it isn't included? This problem appears in "inelasticScatteringAnalysis" command.
Any idea or comment?
Many thanks

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Re: elasticScatteringAnalysis

Post by michael_borland » 25 Mar 2021, 09:42


The inelasticScatteringAnalysis and elasticScatteringAnalysis programs are listed in the PRODOAG variable in Makefile.OAG in oag/apps/src/elegant/elegantTools. You shouldn't need to do anything other than change to the oag/apps/src/elegant/elegantTools directory and type "make". I just tried it and it worked fine.


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