Regarding CSR wake output file

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Regarding CSR wake output file

Post by WilliamLou » 23 Mar 2021, 13:16

Dear Elegant experts:

I have a few questions regarding CSR wake output files.
The files are generated when "OUTPUT_FILE" parameter of CSRCSBEND is set.

(Q1) What sdds function can I use to analyze this file? I know "sddsplot" can plot the wake(s), but I want to obtain the actual array(s) of values of Ws(z) and z.

(Q2) Say my lattice is like: (B1,D1,B1,D1,B1,D1), in which D1 is a regular drift, and B1 is a CSRCSBEND with "OUTPUT_FILE" set to "wake.dat" and "OUTPUT_INTERVAL" set to 2.

After tracking, how many wake data W(z) will be stored in "wake.dat"?
Is it 6, with 2 from each B1?


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Re: Regarding CSR wake output file

Post by michael_borland » 25 Mar 2021, 11:47

You can use sddsprocess to analyze the file, for example. I'm not sure what you want to do, so it is hard to be more definite. If you want to read the data into MATLAB, python, etc., we have libraries to allow that. See the download page to get these.

For each CSRCSBEND, the OUTPUT_FILE should have a different name. Otherwise, you only get data from the last dipole. If OUTPUT_INTERVAL is 2 and N_KICKS is, say, 10, you should get 5 samples (slice 2, 4, 6, 8, 10). Each sample will be on a separate page.


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