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Specioc is a softioc application through which SPEC can broadcast some parameters as PVs. Currently the database of the softioc only includes the SPEC H,K,L and NPTS information. Other parameters can be added if needed. Users can use the common EPICS tools such as Probe, Medm and StripTool to monitor these SPEC parameters.


(1) download the tar file specioc.tar, and untar it.

The specioc contains the following files






(2) run config (you may have to check the specioc.HOST first to assure the correct path to EPICS3.14 base bin directory), it asks the PV prefix you prefer for the ioc, and create two file(i.e. your prefix is xxx):



How to use

(1) run specioc_xxx to start your ioc

to stop the softioc, run specioc_xxx kill

(2) qdo the macro hkl_ioc.mac in SPEC. Please change the global variable SIOC_PREFIX value to your prefix.

(3) execute ioc_HKL on. Now SPEC will write the HKL values to the softIoc during each scan.

See the README for details.

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