EPICS based SPEC Macros

Epics MCA controls multiple MCAs and saves selected ROIs to SPEC file. Description. You also need downaload aalength.mac and uspec_column.mac.

Epics Optical Table contains macros moving and scanning EPICS optical table record. Description.

Macros for the CCD Image Server(Version 2.5.1 or newer) control Brian Tieman's CCD Image Server, trigger the area detector and save images at each scan point.See Help. For older version of the CCD Image Server control, please use ccdscan_1.0.mac. Both require uspec_column.mac.

checkbeam.mac  protects scans from storage ring trips.

Generic SPEC Macros

uspec_column adds/removes user defined columns to scan data. Description

aalength includes some useful functions.

lp sends the outputs of any spec commands to a printer.