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JCA is an EPICS Channel Access client library for Java. For more information concerning EPICS or Channel Access please refer to the EPICS Web pages or read the Channel Access manual (3.14).

As of Septembre 13rd 2003, JCA2 has been released. The previous JCA1.0 version is still available but has been deprecated. Your programs using the old API should still work with JCA2. However you should convert them to use the new API.

What's New

March 30, 2004
Release of JCA2.1.2
Minor bugs fixed. More stable.

Feb 20, 2004
Release of JCA2.1.1
This release fixes some critical bugs. Please upgrade your JCA2.1 to JCA2.1.1.

Feb 9, 2004
Release of JCA2.1
This release introduces sitewide and user's configuration and many more new features.

Oct 17, 2003
Release of JCA2.0.1
This is a bug fix release of JCA2. See the release notes for details.

Sept 13, 2003
Release of JCA2.0
Finally JCA2.0 has been released !!! This new version of JCA has been completely redesign to work with the new features of EPICS 3.14.