Unipolar/Bipolar Adapter Pinout

WIRE COLOR ELCO PIN (driver side) ELCO PIN (motor side)
black A A
white/black stripe E B
brown N.C. N.C.
white/brown stripe N.C. N.C.
red C C
white/red stripe H D
orange N.C. N.C.
white/orange stripe N.C. N.C.
yellow N.C. N.C.
white/yellow stripe N.C. N.C.
green W W
white/green stripe T T
blue X X
white/blue stripe U U
violet N N
white/violet stripe P P
gray V V
white/gray stripe R R
bare copper S S
none M M

NOTE: On the motor side, pins E and F should be shorted together;
J and H should also be shorted together (separately from E and F).