APS Beamline VME Steppermotor Controllers

Oregon Microsystems

VME8 (8 motors, no encoders; $1895)
VME 4-4 (4 motors, 4 encoders; $1895)
VME58-8 (8 motors, no encoders; $1995) Jumper Settings
VME58-4E (4 motors, 4 encoders; $2145) Jumper Settings
Compatible with drivers that accept step/direction inputs. 

               Oregon Microsystems, Inc.
               1800 NW 169th Place
               Suite C100
               Beaverton, OR 97006

               contact: Will Gallant (503) 629-8081
We have built transition boards to communicate between these boards and StepPaks or other motor drivers that accept step/direction inputs. These signals are switchable between differential (RS-422 standard) and single-ended, on a per-channel basis. With minor modifications, they may be made to interface to other types of driver inputs, such as step/step or optical.

Transition board user's manual (pdf)

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