VME 6U counter/timer board

	MIZAR model 8310-0-00

	2410 Luna Rd.
	Carrollton, TX 75006

	contact: (214)277-4600
This board needs a fair amount of customization to agree with the EPICS software we currently have running it (which makes it work as a 4-channel 7 MHz scaler with no preset capability). I don't have the details at hand, but the process takes about 15 minutes with a wire-wrap tool and DIP jumpers.

Ethernet transceiver

	Inmac model 802210

	Inmac Computer Supplies
	International Minicomputer Accessories Corp.
	860 E. State Parkway
	Schaumburg, IL 60173

64-pin DIN connectors

Needed for VME boards that have I/O signals routed to the "P2" VME connector.
	Schroff model 69005-596 DIN connector

	Schroff, Inc.
	c/o Cadre Technical
	P.O. Box 774
	Hillside, IL 60162

	Panduit (c/o Ohm Electronics)

VME prototyping board

	VME 6U prototyping card, catalog # 222-2993J
	VME 6U front panel kit, catalog # 174-47709

	1000 Sherman Ave.
	Hamden, CT 06514

	contact: (203)288-8001