APS Beamline Controls VME-Crate Controller / EPICS Processor

LATEST recommended boards from the Emersion Network Power VMEbus Line:
    MVME51005E-0161 ($3000 List) 400MHz PPC processor, 512MB RAM, 100Mbps Ethernet

Supported with synApps R5.4 (and higher):
    MVME61006E-0161 ($4200 List) 1.2GHz PPC processor, 1Gb RAM, 1Gbps Ethernet

Previous recommended board: VME controller MVME172P-644SE ($2695)

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You'll need to program the VxWorks (WindRiver Systems) Board Support Package into the processor's flash memory if you want to run EPICS on it. If you have a VxWorks target license, we can give you a pre-built BSP. Please contact Joe Sullivan for more information.