APS Beamline Controls IndustryPack Carrier

The recommended IP carrier is a blank (processor-less) IP carrier
board.  We're using this 4-slot IP carrier with Motorola PPC controllers.

	SBS Technologies VIPC626-ET 4-Slot 6U VME IndustryPack carrier. 

The following board is not recommended for new applications but may
still be used/in use here at the APS.  Please contact Joe, Kurt, or Ron 
if you want/need to use a 162 or 172 board on your beamline.

Motorola MVME162 series embedded controller.
32 MHz 68040 w/ floating point, NO ethernet support.
	MVME162-510a (4MB ram)
	MVME162-520a (8MB ram)
	MVME162-530a (16MB ram)

Here is the PDF formatted MVME162 specifications from 
the Motorola Computer Group. 

        Arrow Electronics, Inc.
        Arrow/Schweber Electronics Group
        1166 Springlake Dr.
        Itasca, IL 60143-2062

For IndustryPack support on a board not also running EPICS.