NIM 4-channel V/F converter

	 Nova N101VTF 
		price	quantity
		$2950	1
		$2750	2-3
		$2550	4-9
		$2295	10-14
		$2095	15-24
		$1895	25-49
		$1595	>=50
		Note: Nova has offered to pool orders from several customers
		and to delay fabrication until a price-break quantity has
		been reached in the total number of outstanding orders.
		(These prices were quoted 7/30/95, and the quote is no longer
		in effect.)

	Nova R&D, Inc.
	1525 Third St., Suite A201
	Riverside, CA 92507

	Loosely based on Peter Siddon's design, in use at NSLS.

	x1, x2, x5, x10 gains (gains higher than x1 have 1% accuracy)

	Better than 50 ppm linearity

	0 to 1MHz output (default; 0 to 2 MHz is possible)

	0 to +10V input range (default; 0 to +5V, 0 to -5V, and 0 to -10V
	ranges are selectable.)

	Two TTL outputs per channel on LEMO connectors.  These outputs can
	drive 50-Ohm terminated inputs.

	High-precision 0 to 10V reference output, with 10-turn dial.

	1MHz TTL clock output, can drive 50-Ohm terminated inputs.
	(For best results, use this clock for the scaler time base.)