Advanced Photon Source Technical Systems
Accelerator Systems

  • Storage Ring Status for the past 24 hours with real Time of Day
    User beam delineated. Current, Lifetime, History with 24-hr Time, Mode Messages & Operator Messages.
    Updated every 30 seconds.
  • Storage Ring Status for the past 7 days
    Storage Ring Current and number of Operating Beamlines for the past 7 days.
    Updated every 15 minutes.
  • Storage Ring Operating Parameters for the past 24 hours
    Particle Beam RMS motions, Coupling and Emittance for BM source
    Updated every 10 minutes.
  • Index of Auto Saved SDDS Plots for Storage Ring Systems
    List of 24 hour Plots for different systems associated with the Storage Ring.
    Updated every 15 minutes.

    Beamline & Front End Systems

  • Beamline and Front End Status
    Front End Shutter, Beamline and Front End Interlock Status. 24 hour plot of beam usage.
    Updated every minute.
  • Insertion Device Gap Status
    Insertion Device Gap Values. 24 hour plot of each.
    Updated every minute.
  • Liquid Nitrogen Distribution System Status
    Liquid Nitrogen Distribution System Temperature, Dewar Level and Pressure. 24 hour plot of each
    Updated every 5 minutes.
  • Liquid Nitrogen Distribution System Projection
    Liquid Nitrogen Distribution System Dewar Level alarm projections
    Updated every 15 minutes.
  • Insertion Device Logs
    List of ID logs sorted by Beamline and Date