Film Coefficient and Pressure Drop Calculator
Water Liquid Nitrogen

The calculations are for water.
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For accurate values, please press the "More Values" button to open a window with a chart from NIST website, copy the values for density, specific heat (Cp), bulk fluid viscosity, and thermal conductivity from the line whose temperature matches that of the bulk fluid , and then copy the value for wall fluid viscosity from the other line of the chart.  Wall temperature may be set to bulk fluid temperature as an approximation, and then only one line is displayed in the NIST chart. Caution: if the wall temperature is greater than fluid's saturation temperature (the second line of the chart will indicate vapor phase), the wall liquid viscosity is inadmissible.

Density : kg/m**3
Specific Heat (Cp): J/g*K
Bulk Fluid Viscosity: uPa*s
Wall Fluid Viscosity: uPa*s
Thermal Conductivity : W/m*K

Results :
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Film coefficient values for different multiples of nominal water velocity.